Open Doors Trolley Night

On July 24th you and your family will be able to ride a trolley throughout Manchester and be admitted to several different arts and cultural venues for FREE as past of Open Doors Arts and Cultural Tour.  During the Open Doors event, two trolleys will be circulating between 5:00pm-8:00pm, stopping at different venues throughout Manchester.  Trolley stops include Langer Place, the Millyard Museum, the SEE Science Center, E.W. Poore Framing Inc., Art 3 Gallery, Framer’s Inc., the New Hampshire Institute of Art and 550 Studio, Arbor at the Millyard in MVCC and “Art on the Wall at City Hall”.  Parking is available at Langer Place at 55 S. Commercial Street, or at 200 Bedford Street (site of the Millyard Museum and the SEE Science Center).


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