CoCo Key Water Park Review

My family and I took our first visit to CoCo Key Water Park in Danvers, MA this past weekend and it was FANTASTIC!  We spent about 4 hours sliding, splashing, swimming and having a blast in CoCo Key’s beautiful 84 degrees.  Below is my review of our day at the water park.  CoCo Key is currently running several deals to include one with Living Social.  I have outlined all of their current deals in my CoCo Key Deals post linked here!

When we first arrived we checked in at the front desk with their very nice staff (everyone at the water park was very friendly) we were given bracelets that admitted us into the water park.  For an additional $6 you can rent a locker for the day (which we did).  When you rent a locker you’re given a waterproof bracelet that acts as the locker’s key.  I was particularly impressed with this.  I’m always afraid I’m going to lose my locker key in the pool and this completely eliminated that problem.

Once the logistics were out of the way we hit the water.  We started out in the Dip-In Theatre which was perfectly sized for my 1-6 year old crew.  As you can see from the below picture there were three water slides for the kids, a shallow pool area and a few sprinklers.  My one-year old loved this area.  She seemed very proud of the fact that she could walk around the pool like a big kid.  My older kids also loved the Dip-In Theatre.  They did the water slides on a loop and didn’t tire of it one bit.  After about 45 minutes of sliding we went to explore more of the park (mostly because I was curious about what else they had).  PS – That is a big movie screen above the pool!


 Photo courtesy of CoCo Key Water Park.

Next we found this large section of the park that had all sorts of slides, sprinklers and water guns.  There was also a huge bucket at the very top that filled up with water and would periodically dump out, splashing all of us.  My girls thought this was hysterical.  My three year old little guy learned to like the splash…the first time it happened he was in complete shock :).  We easily spent over an hour at this section of the park.  There were varying levels of water slides with a few that were very age-appropriate for my crew.  There were also quite a few larger water slides that older kids and more adventurous souls would probably love.  This part was not as geared toward my one-year old as the Dip-In Theatre but she still had fun exploring the different sprinklers (see below).





My husband then took my girls in the Lazy River while the little kids and I went back to play in the Dip-In Theatre.  On second thought, I think I should have accompanied the girls in the Lazy River.  It looks peaceful.



My family didn’t play in the section with the basket ball hoops and lily pads (pictured below).  To be honest, my kids were having such a great time with the pools, slides and sprinklers so we stuck with those things.  That said, I walked by this area to check it out and it looked like a lot of fun.

Below photos courtesy of CoCo Key Water Park.

lilly1        Basketball


After all of our water fun we had lunch at Gators Grab and Go which was in the water park and then hit up the arcade.  The arcade was a lot of fun.  My kids loved playing the games and earning prize tickets.  They were so thrilled to cash in their tickets for prizes.

We had a wonderful time at CoCo Key and I cannot speak highly enough of our experience.  From the front desk to the lifegaurds (and everyone else in between), I found their staff to be kind and professional.  One of the things that I was most impressed with was that it never felt crowded or too busy while we were there.  Knowing that CoCo Key regularly sells out (and the day we went was sold out as well) I was expecting the park to be crowded and to have to wait on long lines.  The crowd was very manageable (even with four little kids!) and we were able to walk onto the water slides with no wait.  CoCo Key is a wonderful place to spend the day with family and friends.

A Few Tips for Your Visit:

  • Arrive Early to the water park (especially if you have little kids).  We arrived when the water park opened at 10:00am and it was awesome.  The park was nice and quiet.  While the park was never crowded it definitely did pick up around lunch time.
  • Grab a Table when you first arrive!  When we first got to the park we were able to secure a table.  We were able to store our towels and shoes there for the duration of our visit.  Grab and Go Gator doesn’t have it’s own seating so, if you get lunch there, you would need a table.  By noon all of the tables were snatched up.
  • Bring Towels.  If you purchase a package and stay at the Double Tree then you will have towels provided to you.  Otherwise bring towels for all of your swimmers (and maybe a few extra).
  • Rent a Locker.  The convenience of the locker was well worth the $6 rental fee!


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