LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston Review (Part 1)



LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston is incredible!  My kids had a great time exploring the Discovery Center and building with LEGO bricks.  I love that every aspect of the Discovery Center is interactive, making it educational and fun from the moment you enter to the moment you leave.  I cannot wait to bring the kids back to LEGOLAND.

I have so many pictures (and so much to say) about LEGOLAND that I broke this review up into different posts.  This post covers all the fun we had at the LEGO Factory Tour, 4D Cinema, Kingdom Quest Laser Ride and Merlin’s Apprentice Ride!  Please also take a look at the second part of my LEGOLAND Review linked here which includes a review of MINILAND, LEGO Racers, LEGO City Play Zone, LEGO DUPLO Farm, LEGO Friends Olivia’s House and Earthquake Tables.

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LEGO Factory Tour: Other than their friendly greeters, the LEGO Factory Tour was our first experience at LEGOLAND.  So, obviously this was SO exciting.  My son was quite literally jumping for joy (and did not stop jumping the entire Factory Tour).  LEGO Friends Bertie and Bonnie guided us through the LEGO Factory and taught us all about LEGO brick making.  First, we broke up into four different teams: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.  We then worked our way through the factory, learning about the brick making process: mixing, heating, molding and decorating.  This game is 100% interactive (as is the entire Discovery Center)!


LEGO 4D Cinema: I’m sorry to say that this is the one thing that the kids and I didn’t get to.  Honestly they were so engaged in all of the other exhibits that we just didn’t have time to check out the 4D Cinema.  Here’s a description that I pulled from LEGOLAND’s website: “Come and ride alongside your favorite LEGO® Characters in our 4D Cinema. We take our 3D films and add an extra special dimension to bring the experience to life. Look out for wind, rain, snow, lightning and don’t forget to reach out and touch the stars!  Come and experience one of our three 4D cinema experiences – Spell Breaker, Clutch Powers and LEGO® Racers. Which of your favorite LEGO characters will you see?”


Kingdom Quest Laser Ride: This was my son’s favorite attraction at LEGOLAND!  In this ride trolls and skeletons have captured the LEGO Princess!  It’s up to you and your fearless crew to use your laser to shoot the trolls, skeletons, spiders, bats and the rest of those bad guys.  Kingdom Quest was a great ride that very much appealed to my 3-6 year old crowd (I think older kids would love this ride too).  It was a lot of fun to shoot the bad guys and watch them poof away in a cloud of smoke.  I was so happy that this ride was fun and entertaining and not at all scary for my three year old.  We were able to rescue the Princess (thank goodness!) and protect the golden dragon eggs (whew!).


Merlin’s Apprentice Ride: On Merlin’s Apprentice Ride we peddled as fast as we could to soar into the sky!  Or, I should say, my girls peddled as fast as they could….my little guy wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with lifting off of the ground.




If you would like to visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston please note that tickets must be pre-purchased online to guarantee admission.  Please visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston’s website for more information about admission and ticket prices.

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