Review of Summer Play Days at the Disney Store


My kids have been so excited about the Disney Store Summer Play Days so we decided to head over and join in the magic the other night. The event was “Storytime”.  There was a cute Mickey Mouse mat on the floor and some coloring pages and crayons for the kids while they waited for Storytime to begin.  Then one of the store’s awesome cast members came out with a Storytime cart and read a story about Beauty and the Beast.  The book was oversized so that all the kids could see the pictures. Prior to reading, our cast member let each of the kids borrow a stuffed animal to read with.  I probably don’t have to tell you what a big hit this was.  My girls picked out Crackle (the dragon for Sofia the First) and Doc McStuffins dolls to snuggle with and my little guy picked out Piglet.


After Storytime all of the kids in attendance got their Summer Play Days lanyard and a Minnie and Mickey pin.  The kids were literally jumping for joy!  Our cast member also gave each of the kids a cute bookmark (they could choose between Belle or Spiderman).  The Cast Members at the Disney Store in Merrimack are always fantastic.  Our storytime leader was incredibly kind and patient with the kids.  She also taught them a fun new Disney joke.  Are you ready for it?  Where does Olaf put his money?  In the snow bank!  I love the Disney humor!

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The entire event took about 15-20 minutes.  My kids had a blast and I would recommend checking out this free series of events!  The event that we attended was Storytime.  The Disney Store hosts different events throughout the week as part of their Summer Play Days.  Events include Art of Animation, Storytime, Trivia and Showtime.  Please read Summer Play Days at the Disney Store for more information!

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2 Responses to Review of Summer Play Days at the Disney Store

  1. Joan says:

    Great write up. I think this would be fun for all kids

  2. Kerry says:

    My kids have gone to 2 of these summer events so far. They have loved them! But, it seems like not many people know it is happening! Wish the Disney store would do some more promotion because I think it is great!!

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