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My family and I were able to visit Edaville USA today for the Grand Opening of Dinoland!  As we were crossing the train tracks into Dinoland my son was jumping up and down with excitement.

When we entered Dinoland we picked up a pamphlet that had information on all of the different dinosaurs that we were going to see.  We then started walking down the dinosaur trail to see our prehistoric friends!  The dinosaurs were amazing.  They looked great, had audio and were animated.  All three of my big kids were convinced that the dinosaurs were the real thing.






 Look what this guy did to one of Edaville’s roller coasters! 

Edaville had the wonderful idea to mist around a select number of their dinosaurs.  The mist gave Dinoland more of a prehistoric jungle feel and it helped keep everyone cool!


Edaville has paleontologists stationed at various spots along the trail to inform and answer any questions you may have.  My kids stopped at every dinosaur to ask what they ate.  They wanted to make sure that dinosaurs don’t eat kids!  When we reached Allosaurus we learned that he likes to eat other dinosaurs.  This was not good news for my son’s stuffed Brachiosaurus!  Luckily we were able to use sunglasses and a sunhat to disguise him as a child.  We decided it was safest to leave him disguised for the remainder of our time in Dinoland.  We didn’t want our beloved stuffed dinosaur to become a Dino snack!  😉


Here we are with our favorite paleontologist!  


What do you think about our disguise for Brachiosaurus?

It took us about 30 minutes to see the over 20 dinosaurs in Dinoland.  When you visit Dinoland make sure to read all of their clever signs!


As you enter and exit Dinoland you will see a small tent with a Dino Dig area that children can explore.  There is also a gift shop with dinosaur themed toys, trinkets, apparel and candy.  The gift shop is currently under construction, but open for business.  The shop is reasonably priced.  I usually don’t usually let my children buy things from gift shops but today I made an exception and let them get a bag of Haribo Dinosaur Gummies.  My children and husband were very happy with our $2.50 purchase.





Finally, make sure you ask an Edaville employee if Rex will be making any appearances on the day of your visit.  Rex is a friendly dinosaur that roams around Edaville!  Kids can walk, pet and take pictures with Rex.


We had a wonderful time at Edaville USA and their brand new Dinoland.  I would highly recommend taking a day trip there.

Warning: Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex are huge and look very realistic, especially to children!  In fact, Tyrannosaurus is 70 feet tall!  My kids were initially very nervous about getting anywhere near these two dinosaurs.  Eventually the kids and I decided that these two dinosaurs were just a little grumpy, probably because they were hungry.  We think that this could easily be solved by feeding our prehistoric friends some dino sized ice cream sundaes every morning.  🙂



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  1. Kim Bergeron says:

    Looks like great fun! What kiddo wouldn’t love going back in time to DinoLand!!!!

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