Mad Science Challenge: Bug Pooter

Bug Pooter


Have a child that’s crazy for caterpillars and loves ladybugs? Make a pooter with them so that they can study insects to their heart’s content!  A pooter is a simple device that scientists use to pick up small objects, like insects, without hurting them.  It is like a miniature vacuum cleaner that uses your lungs as a power source.

What you need:

2 Fat flexible straws Scissors

A nylon stocking Hammer

A small, clear container with lid Nail

Modeling clay Tape


SAFETY NOTE: Be sure to punch the holes for your child.

What you do:

Step 1: Help your child by punching two holes in the lid of the small clear container using the hammer and nail. The holes should be large enough to fit the straws.

Step 2: Cut one straw so that the arms on either side of the bend are the same length. Cut a 2.5cm (1″) square piece of the stocking and tape it onto one end of the straw. This is the mouthpiece.

Step 3: Stick the straw’s other end into one of the holes in the lid. Seal the opening where the straw is inserted with modeling clay.

Step 4: Stick the short end of the second straw into the other hole in the lid and seal the opening with modeling clay. Firmly snap or screw the lid onto the container.

Step 5: Hold the opening of the long straw over a small insect. Gently suck through the mouthpiece. The insect will be drawn into the jar.

Step 6: Study the insect with a magnifying glass. How many legs does it have? What color is it? Can you see any hairs? Look at its antennae, mouthparts, and color patterns. When you are finished, return the insect to where you found it.

Written By: “Cosmic” Christine, Chief Mad Scientist, Mad Science of so NH & no MA

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