Disney Princess Royal Induction: A Frozen Coronation

I found this Disney fact interesting and wanted to share!  Disney Princesses are inducted into the Disney Princess Royal Court with all of the grand magic that you would expect from Disney.  From what I understand, once a princess is inducted, she is redesigned for merchandising purposes and then her merchandise becomes more readily available throughout the parks.  Merida was the 11th princess to be inducted into the Royal Court in May 2013.  Merida’s induction was about a year after the release of her movie.  So, the question on my mind is….when are our favorite Frozen ladies going to be inducted?   I can only imagine that their coronation would be the event of the year.  Also, since Flynn Rider and Rapunzel were at Elsa’s coronation will they also be in attendance at this event?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see!





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