SEE Science Center Dinosaurs

Citizens Bank presents Discover the Dinosaurs at the SEE Science Center beginning on February 9, 2013!  This looks like so much fun and I can say that I will definitely be bringing my kids to this.  As I’ve said in the past, we really can’t get enough of everything and anything dinosaur! Here’s a description of the exhibit as found on the SEE Science Center’s website: “The exhibit will feature half-scale to full scale robots that move and make sounds and hands-on activities for the whole family.  The group of robots will be presented in scenes that show how dinosaurs may have interacted based on fossil evidence. See a hungry Albertosaurus spy a heavily armored Euoplocephalus. What might have happened? Discover more about these and other dinosaurs at the exhibit!”

What’s better than going to see the dinosaurs?  How about getting in for free?  The SEE Science Center is running a contest for two free passes to Discover the Dinosaurs.  (According to their website multiple winners will be drawn.)  If you’re interested in the contest click here for the contest site.  (I also want to share that I checked out the contest and the question being asked.  I am very proud that I knew the answer.  Look at all that I’m learning as the mom of a dinosaur fan!)

Some other tips for getting into the exhibit at a reduced rate:

  • Call your local library and find out if they offer museum passes.  These passes will get you into the SEE Science Center at a discounted rate.
  • Pick up a copy of Parenting New Hampshire Magazine’s February edition (it’s a free magazine!) for a $1 off coupon for up to four people!  (I found my copy at our local Shaw’s but I imagine that they are all over the place.)



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