Review of Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition: Marvel Super Heroes


I recently had the opportunity to review Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes on the Wii U and it was awesome!  I will begin by saying that my family and I are huge Disney fans.  We love the Disney Parks, the movies, the Disney Channel, toys, and…I could go on.  Therefore, Disney Infinity was an obvious choice for a family game.  My children have seen Disney Infinity commercials on the Disney Channel for months and have been begging my husband and I to get it.  My son has gone as far as to create his own Disney Infinity Characters by creating a play-doh “Infinity platform” for his toys.  He is still hoping that if he puts his creation close enough to our TV some Disney Magic will happen.  😉

The kids (and I) love the thought of bringing Disney characters to life in a game of their own creation.  Little do my children know that Disney Infinity will be their Christmas present this year.  I’m very excited to play Disney Infinity as a family!

I believe that Disney Infinity is awesome and I would recommend it for all Disney and Marvel fans.  Like most things Disney, this will interest (and, in my opinion, is appropriate for) both children and adults alike.   Using the magic of Disney and everyone’s favorite cast of characters, players can create and explore worlds and games of their own design.  The options seem endless and bounded only by your imagination with the newly enhanced Disney Infinity Toy Box.  I love that the Disney Infinity Toy Box gives players a vast creative license to customize their own experience.  I believe that this makes the game particularly friendly and appropriate for younger children.


While Disney Infinity is rated for ages 10 and up, I believe that children as young as 5 or 6 would be delighted with building and creating alongside their favorite characters.  That said, please be aware that younger children may require adult assistance with the game.


Please note that Disney Infinity does have playsets with prefabricated games that incorporate cartoon violence, however these can be altogether avoided if desired.  If you have any questions about whether or not this is a good choice for your child I would suggest visiting Common Sense Media.  Common Sense Media is a site that offers their own professional reviews, reviews submitted by parents, and a section entitled “What Parents Need to Know.”  I have found this site to be very helpful in determining the appropriateness of media for my children.

As I stated earlier, while Disney Infinity appeals to kids, the game is not just child’s play!  I believe that “big kids” will, in particular, love the new Disney Infinity Marvel-Themed Play Sets.  The Avengers, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are now available and have original Marvel storylines filled with epic battles and missions.  One of my favorite aspects of the Marvel-Themed Play Sets is that designated characters, to include Iron man, Hulk, Nova and Rocket Racoon, can cross between storylines and playsets.  My husband nearly jumped out of his seat when he saw that Rocket Racoon could make a guest appearance in the Avengers playset (we are kids at heart!).


Here’s a look at the new Marvel-Themed Play Sets:

  • Avengers: Spot Loki’s cold-hearted plans to freeze New York City – the first step in a villainous plot that threatens the entire planet.
  • Spider-Man: Swing into action with Spidey and team to save New York City from the Green Goblem and Mysterios as they try to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. once and for all.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Help Star-Lord and his fellow Guardians as they race to protect Knowhere from Ronan and his attacking Sakaaran fleet, while keeping a powerful cosmic object from the villain’s evil grasp.


I am very grateful to the folks at Disney Interactive and Disney Infinity for giving me the opportunity to review Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.  My husband and I had a wonderful date night playing with some of our favorite super heroes.  I cannot wait to play and experience the Disney Infinity magic as a family.  Please take a look at this video from Disney Infinity for information on how it all works!


Disclosure: NH Kids received product to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

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