Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a preschool.  There are so many options out there and its often times hard to get a feel for a school based off of what you can find online or a brief school tour.  I find that a trusted friend’s recommendation carries a lot of weight when it comes to choosing schools and activities for my children.  This is why I opened this article up to all of you to recommend the great preschools in your town.  The below are preschools recommended by SNH Kids readers.  Thank you to all of you who sent in a preschool recommendation.  If you have had a wonderful experience with a preschool that is not included on this please leave a comment on facebook (or shoot me an email) and I will include the preschool’s name, information and your testimonial in this post!

As you research preschools, please visit this site from New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services Child Care Unit which provides information about each child care program’s licensing visit history and rule violations from January 1, 2006 to the present.  It is great resource that one of our SNH Kids friends shared!

Preschools in Bedford, NH:

  • RainbowLand Child and Development Center, 3 Rundlett Hill Road:  RainbowLand is a privately owned facility combining education with a relaxing atmosphere, beginning with the infant program. Our curriculum supports a developmentally appropriate environment. Teachers are able to create a classroom of open-ended activities reinforcing each child’s need to explore and learn throughout the day.  RainbowLand educates children from ages 6 weeks to 7 years.   Parent Testimonial: “Rainbowland Child Development Center in Bedford Can’t say enough wonderful things about them. Everything is about the welfare and betterment of the children even if some specific decisions not popular with all the parents. Kids come 1st and foremost.”

Preschools in Londonderry, NH:

  • World of Discovery, 182 Rockingham Road: World of Discovery’s Preschool program begins exposing the children to everything they will need to make a smooth transition to Kindergarten.  Academics and creative play go hand in hand to make learning fun and exciting.  Children learn problem solving skills and acquire independence and self-confidence by making their own choice in the classroom.  Parent Testimonial: “My kids went there for 6 years. Never once thought of switching schools!”

Preschools in Nashua, NH:

  • The Children’s Winter Garden, 121 Manchester Street: CWG is a NAEYC accredited, non-profit preschool that has been providing an educational and play environment for children ages 3 and 4 since 1952. In addition to offering traditional morning nursery and pre-nursery classes, we offer extended-day options for preschoolers plus an after kindergarten program to lengthen the learning day of children in local morning kindergarten programs. Call to schedule a tour today, or visit us online at  Parent Testimonial:  The Children’s Winter Garden helped my children grow socially and academically in a warm and nurturing environment, surrounded by caring and passionate teachers who instilled in them a love of learning and exploration.  My expectations were exceeded at every turn.

Preschools in Pelham, NH: 

  • Saint Patrick Catholic School, 16 Main Street: Our Pre-K program (ages 4-5) is a full-day, 5 days per week program that provides a safe, happy and encouraging introduction to formal learning. Readiness skills and appropriate social behavior are developed through varied learning activities evolved from a basic curriculum. We also endeavor to develop the child spiritually by prayer, liturgy, and daily Religion Lessons. We provide weekly special classes in music, art, gym, computers, and library. Before-care and after-care programs are available.

Preschools in Windham, NH:

  • Magical Beginnings, 184 Rockingham Road: Children attending Magical Beginnings will be introduced to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, patterning, sorting, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales. They will learn cutting, printing, sharing and listening skills. The children will have 45 minutes of gymnastics from Gym-Ken Gymnastics every day they come to school.  This will develop their gross motor skills and self confidence.  Parent Testimonial: “It is a learning and at the same time fun school. Classes are small which is what every parent looks for in a school for their child. Gymnastics is also included which the children love!”
  • Windham Cooperative, 12 Industrial Drive: WCK offers many Program Options to meet the needs of young children 2.9 through Kindergarten age. Their Developmental Philosophy fosters growth in the whole child and creates a life-long love of learning. Call to schedule a tour.  Parent Testimonial: “Fabulous teachers and, because its a cooperative, there is a ton if parental involvement. I love being able to volunteer on a regular basis.”

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