Winter Sports for the Kids!

In the past, the snow and cold have left my children bouncing off of the walls and me counting down the days until Spring brings its warmth and allows us to get back outdoors.  This winter I am hoping to take a different approach and take on some winter sports fun!

  • Skiing:

For starters you can get the kids out in that snow and go skiing!  Ski NH has a fantastic web page on which they have a list of all of the New Hampshire ski programs for children.  Children anywhere from the tiny tot age right up to the teenage years can find a program.  I highly recommend taking a look at Ski NH’s thorough list and review of programs.  I’m slightly embarrassed to say that my children haven’t learned to ski yet.  That said, with slopes and ski lessons so close, maybe this will be the winter that that changes!

Also, if you do decide to hit the slopes this winter please be sure to investigate Ski NH’s 4th and 5th Grade Snowsports Passports program.  According to their website, the Snowsports Passports program offers “one, two, or three free lift tickets and trail passes” for 33 downhill and cross-country resorts in addition to other great ski resort deals!  Check out the Snowsports Passports site for more details.

  • Snow Tubing:

I have never been snow tubing but I would love to go!  My children are really itching to go snow tubing this winter and I’m hoping that we’ll find the time to go before the season is over.  Ski NH has another wonderful list of all the places at which you can snow tube this winter!  Just note that many of these places have a minimum age and/or height that you must meet to snow tube.

  • Ice Skating:

Another idea is to get the kids on some skates.  I did not grow up in New Hampshire but my parents did take me ice skating at a young age and I remember loving every second of it!  Here is a list of local ice rinks.  Many of these ice rinks offer learn to skate and learn to play hockey lessons, in addition to offering open ice time to just burn off some skating energy.  Several of the rinks also offer birthday party packages for your birthday girl or boy (what a very cool party)!  Please visit the individual rink websites for all of the info.

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