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New Hampshire:

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  1. I recently went to Jump on In at the Haverhill location for my cousins’s son’s birthday party and I was NOT impressed. Not only was the place disgusting they rush you in and rush you out. There were 3 jump things in one room and 3 in another plus a regular basketball hoop. Most of the bounce houses had ducktape on them to fix wholes that were in them. You could hear the air pouring out. Then once in the ‘party room’ they didn’t even offer ice for the drinks. We literally sat down, had cake a drink and I think he opened 3 presents before we were rushed out for the next party. I wouldn’t waste my time or money going there again.

    And Cedarland I went to about 2yrs ago and even that had changed from when I was younger. There used to be way more stuff to do in there that I remember than there is now. I agree this one is more cleaner and I’d go here way before Jump On In but still they need to add alittle more to do, whether adding onto the climbing structure or just somehow more to do in there.

    Epping, NH also has a playspace in Burger King.

    There is also this one in Hampton falls, I have never been though just came across the page
    I believe there is also one in hampstead, nh

    But there is this website I came across that lists a bunch as well and you can search by your town that gives a list and you refine the results. Hope this helps!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Thank you for your comments and the information that you provided. :)

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