Touchdown! Pappy’s Pizza’s Superbowl Special!!!!!

Touchdown! Pappy’s Pizza’s Superbowl Special!!!!!

Pappy’s Pizza, located on Elm St in Manchester, is having a great pizza special going on from 10:30-6:00 on Superbowl Sunday.

You can get 2 large cheese pizzas for $10+tax!

Last year I posted this special and so many readers tried Pappy’s for the first time and became hooked!

It’s funny to me to hear that people haven’t been here, our family has gone here since I was a little kid!

More of our favorites here are the steak and cheese in a Syrian. Oh my!!!! We get ours with sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. You can never say no to their seasoned fries, either!!!

So, now you know our Superbowl menu: Pappy’s Cheese Pizzas, several Steak and Cheese on Syrian and a few large orders of seasoned fries! Our crowd will be very happy!

Pappy’s Pizza
1531 Elm St

Here’s a little more info on Pappy’s Pizza from the Intown Manchester Blog!

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