#Krusteaz-Breakfast For Dinner

#Krusteaz-Breakfast For Dinner

Whether you’re on the run or looking for a sweet dinner, there’s nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner.

With today being a snow day, my family decided to have a lazy day. Krusteaz pancakes and waffles is always so easy to make and they are yummy! We were all in luck when we learned they had chocolate chip pancakes, my family’s favorite!

The great thing about pancakes is you can add any type of toppings you want. We added bananas and chocolate nutella for a great combination! Krusteaz definitely lives up to their description of light and fluffy!

To see more products such as quick breads, cookies, fruit bars and more check out Krusteaz website!

On their Facebook page they take ordinary recipes and turn them into something fun and delicious!

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