Hayward’s Ice Cream-Look At These Flavors & Sweet Deal!

Hayward’s Ice Cream-Look At These Flavors & Sweet Deal!

Well, the snow may be in our yards, but the ice cream stands are opening with amazing flavors that are driving us there!

Take a look at some of what Hayward’s Ice Cream is creating!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so really, I could stop here……..

…..but if I did stop there, you wouldn’t know yet that Hayward’s Ice Cream is homemade.

I love the photos they post on Facebook and I always know when we get an ice cream at Hayward’s, it’s always going to be divine!

Though, I’m sharing Hayward’s Ice Cream, I just want you to know they are a one stop spot. You can get lunch and dinner here too!

Get a great deal to go along with the great food HERE! 


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