JD Foods

JD Foods

The whole family has been begging me to JD Foods to stock up food for meals and snacks! It’s not even just me who loves it, it’s my whole family!!

Each week there are in-store sales which can be overstock from grocery stores, close to expired dates or damaged products. I like to stroll in there once a lot to see what their Value Coolers/Freezers are holding for me. The yogurts are another of my favorite deals to find. A lot of times they are close to expiration, but we fly through yogurts around here. We’ll also sometimes freeze some because the kids like to make smoothies for breakfast.

The other thing I stock up a lot with, are snacks for the kids’ school lunches. Granola bars, fruit gummy snacks, cookies and more. I can’t find better deals even when stores have sales and coupons available.

There is no membership required. Their new flyer comes out every 2 weeks, meat prices subject to change after the 1 week. The deals can be found on their Facebook page. Some of the deals are definitely geared more towards restaurants, but I always find deals in the store.

JD Foods locations:

192 W Main St
Hillsboro NH

97 Eddy Rd
Manchester NH


Monday – Saturday: 8-6
Sunday 9-3

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