Melting Snowmen Cookies

I stumbled upon these very cute melted snowmen cookies and thought I’d try it with the kids this afternoon.  These cookies were a lot of fun to make with the kids and the perfect end to our Sunday (especially considering that all of our pretty white snow is melting outside).  I had never used edible ink markers before making these cookies – they were very cool.  The kids loved being able to draw little snowmen faces on the marshmallows.  For the original recipe please go here (ours are nowhere near as cute as the ones featured on this website!).  012

I took the recipe above and tweaked it to make it a little more feasible for me and my crew.  I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe, which is very good and simple!  While the cookies were baking and cooling, the kids and I then used Wilton Edible Food Writers to draw snowmen faces on large marshmallows.  Once the cookies cooled we used Wilton White Cookie Icing to create the snowmen’s melted bodies.  I set out several different types of candies to use as the snowmen’s buttons (we used sprinkles, m&m’s and snowcaps).  The original recipe also calls you to use black gel to create arms for the snowmen.  My kids were ready to eat their snowmen by this point in the process so we omitted that step!

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