Rocking New Hampshire with the Jabra Rox

Disclosure: I received the Jabra Rox from Jabra for the purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are, as always, my own and those of my family.  

I recently became a Jabra Ambassador which gave me the opportunity to review the Jabra Rox!  I was really looking forward to trying out the Jabra Rox and opened the box up immediately upon receipt.  Despite the fact that I am not all that tech savvy, I was very easily able to connect the headset with my IPad and phone.  It took me all of about 60 seconds (if that) to connect the headset to these different devices.

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The Jabra Rox worked very well as a headset for me to listen to music and ahem, tune out the chaos in my house for a few minutes.  😉  The sound quality is excellent and I love that it is wireless.  I was able to get some chores and gardening done while listening to music.  Good music with good sound quality makes even the most mundane chores more pleasant.

My favorite thing about the Jabra Rox is its built in microphone, which gives me the ability to make hands-free phone calls.  With four kids I am constantly carrying a baby, holding someone’s hand, picking up toys….you get the idea!  As such, it’s usually difficult for me to carry on a phone conversation while my kids are around.  I also have an adorable one year old who loves to push the “END” button while I’m on the phone.  I can’t really blame her for wanting to push the big red button on mommy’s phone.  Jabra Rox solves these problems by making my phone calls hands free.  I can now carry the baby and load the dishwasher, all while calling the kids’ doctor.  That’s about as close to super mom as I will ever get!  And, since my phone is in my pocket while all of this is going on, the baby won’t hang up on anyone!

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The only difficulty I had with the Jabra Rox was in trying to determine which size ear buds I should use for the best fit.  After a few minutes of fiddling around, the headset fit comfortably and stayed put.  Of course, my husband wanted to try the Jabra Rox too so we refit the headphones so that he could test them out.  The headphones fit him very well and he was able to use them while getting some work done on his computer.

Jabra Rox comes with several different sized ear gels and ear wings to allow you to adjust the fit.  This product also comes with a carrying bag and a charging cable.  

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I would recommend Jabra Rox to anyone looking for a wireless and hands free experience!  You can purchase the Jabra Rox for $129.95 at the Apple Store.

New Hampshire Kids is partnering with several other Jabra Ambassadors to host a Giveaway for a Jabra Rox!  This Giveaway will begin on June 23rd so please check back and enter!

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