Kindness Counts in the Month of February

Just yesterday morning I was thinking about our Kindness Counts post for February, trying to think up ideas while running around the house making sure everyone was dressed, fed and ready for the day.  Needless to say I didn’t come up with anything worthwhile during my distracted brainstorming.  So I decided to procrastinate and see what I could come up with later on.  Well, this is probably the first time in my life that procrastination has truly paid off.  One of my favorite sites just posted a Kindness Challenge that is perfect for the month of February!


So for our Kindness Counts idea in the month of February I’m going to share Teach Preschool’s Kindness Challenge: Share a Heartprint.  To begin, fill an envelope with paper hearts and give it to your child.  When your child sees someone being kind encourage them to give one of their hearts to that person to acknowledge the nice deed.  Additionally, if you see your child performing a good deed, get a paper heart, write what they did on it and put it on your refrigerator!  Please read Teach Preschool’s post for a full explanation of the Share a Heartprint Challenge and to see the book she read to her students to go along with it.

My girls and I cut out some hearts this morning and they each got to stuff an envelope with them.  They are very excited to carry their envelopes around with them and reward a kind act with one of their hearts.  Thanks for the great idea Teach Preschool!

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