Anyone hate ticks?!!!! This product is a must!!! #MadeInNH

Anyone hate ticks?!!!! This product is a must!!! #MadeInNH

When I went to the Made in NH Expo, I saw this booth, YAYA Organics and practically ran to it when I saw it was something to help with ticks!

When I even look at a photo of a tick, I squirm. I hate ticks and I’m afraid of ticks!!!!! This year is going to be awful because we never had a long enough freeze for all those nasty creatures to hibernate, so we are going to have an abundance more. We live in the country, we love to be outdoors, my kids are most often in a ball field and we have a dog too!

I was quiet relieved to bump into the YAYA Organics booth to chat with them extensively about their products and their ingredients in the products. I did come home and read many reviews online and do think that this product will be able to bring my worry down to a minimum.

Update on our experience with YAYA Organics: 
We’ve been using the Tic Ban and not only have we not seen a tick on our dog, but we are also beyond elated that this product keeps the black flies away! I have not yet found a product to keep black flies away until now! We only have one bottle of Tick Ban and my kids fight over who’s taking it with them for their games. I feel safer knowing they’re spraying themselves before they head out into the field for baseball. I know it’s keeping the ticks away from them. Needless to say, I’ll be having to order more and most likely be getting the big bottle!

This product is amazing!!!! I’m so glad I found them and I’m glad to support a local NH business. How awesome is that!

I also have their deodorant and it is also a great product!

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