Santa’s Village Fun 2017

Santa’s Village Fun 2017

Santa’s Village is a place for the whole family to have fun! We had a great day when we went; full of fun and laughs and making amazing memories!

I asked my daughter, Mila and nephew, Ryan, what their favorite things to do were…..

The Elfabet game: it’s not just a walk around the grounds, it’s hunting for the elves to be able to add another punch to the card. It’s a treasure hunt in the land of Christmas! Yes, the competitive family that we are, found all the elves!!!

The Yule log ride is a favorite and is great for a cool down on a hot day! There are plenty of other rides that will get your tummy laughing and your head a-spinning!

Oh, gosh, the characters and the scenery are a riot! The family engaged with many of the characters. I tend to think we made their day 🙂

Okay, the Chimney Drop, be prepared! The kids could not get enough. I, Mom, personally was tapped out after 4 rides. My cheeks hurt so bad from laughing so much while on the ride. Watching the kids and Santa brought me to tears from laughing so much. We and the kids laughed and Santa “Ho-Ho-Ho-ed every time the chimney dropped! It’s just hilarious!

Another favorite of Mila’s was having the Blacksmith make her a ring. I still have mine from when I went to Santa’s Village when I was little. Mila thought that was neat!

Spending time with Santa was wonderful: Santa got personal with Mila and Ryan and let them ask questions and questions and questions and shared cookies and milk, while doing so!

The Reindeer: These are the real North Pole reindeer that come to Santa’s Village for lots of love from the guests. The reindeer are beautiful. How often can one say, “I fed Santa’s reindeer?”

Some of the favorites that Jay and I had:

Food: Okay, Jay was all over the food! The doughnuts were so good! We thought he was buying a bag to share with everyone—no, one bag was just for him and the other one he bought was to share. Other favorites were the homemade ice cream. Again, Jay had a cone in each hand for himself. We also hit the fudge shop. I think it must have been Mrs Clause who helped in the kitchen and sprinkled some Christmas sugar to make everything taste even better—cause it was!

Post Office: Great idea! Anything you buy during the day, you send to the post office so you don’t have to lug it around all day

I swear, everybody loves their job (especially Santa!) Even the operators would talk to the children and make sure they enjoyed the ride. If there wasn’t a line, they asked the kids if they wanted to stay on.

Skyway Sleigh: Take a break and see the park from the sky. Love it!

Every year we take a picture at the “Height Stick”. It’s another of my favorite to look back at and see the changes in everyone.

Over a week later, we’re still all talking and laughing about our trip! It’s a perfect day for the family. Even the drive is nice with so the mountains to be amazed at and so many places to stop along the way.What we shared with you is only a piece of what Santa’s Village has! There’s a huge water area, a Gingerbread Shop where you can decorate your cookies. plenty of rides and so much more!

I’ve been going to Santa’s Village for years in the summer, but I also found out they are open in the winter on weekends after Thanksgiving. The water rides are the only ones that don’t run. The park is covered in lights. Pictures I saw looked beautiful, we will definitely try to make it up there then.

Make sure to put Visit Santa’s Village on your summer list of things to do! It will make your family happy and bring you back to the great memories from when you were a kid! If you’re in the area for more than a day, you may want to take advantage of their Extra Value Return Pass.  I’ve included the link HERE for you. It may be that little extra time you’re looking for to hit everything in the park or to revisit your favorite ride or doughnut shop!

Merry Christmas, I mean…Happy Summer!!!!!

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