Children’s Museum of New Hampshire 5K Fun Run!

RR11_4yroldDashStart (2)Photo Courtesy of the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire will host its annual 5K Road Race and Children’s Fun Run on May 3rd.   Proceeds from the race will go to support the Reach All Initiative.  Adults can register for the race by visiting this link.  Additionally, children ages 12 and under can register for the museum’s Fun Run!  All Fun Run participants will receive a blue ribbon, water, snacks, face painting and more!  This is a great opportunity to get up and active while supporting a great initiative.

2014RoadRaceLogo_V2 (3)

Check out the Road Race’s 2014 Logo created by 13 year old Hannah Wirth of Dover!

For those who haven’t heard of it before, the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire’s Reach All Initiative is a fantastic program that provides museum access and resources to children and families that struggle with hardships to include, homelessness, poverty, abuse and more.  The program currently includes the following:

  • Exploring Our Way – Children’s Museum of NH’s Autism Partnership Program, offering special opportunities for families with children with autism to visit the museum at no charge when it is closed to the public
  • Museum InReach, providing subsidized curriculum-based visits to the museum for Title I schools
  • Dollar Deal Nights, granting admission to the museum for $1 on the first Friday of the month.
  • Funded Memberships Program, providing free museum passes to social service agencies for their clients
  • Story Explorers, presenting an in-depth literacy program to Head Start families

If you’re looking for more information, you can visit the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire’s website or the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire 5K Facebook Page!


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