Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

What do you do when it is freezing out?  Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs!  Making these dinosaur eggs is incredibly easy and my kids loved it!  We made our dinosaur eggs and set them outside to freeze last night (along with a few dinosaur friends to guard them, per our little guy’s request).  We checked on our eggs, unwrapped them this morning and they were perfect!  We now have four very colorful dinosaur eggs sitting in our front yard!

Supplies: balloons, water and food coloring

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1. Place several drops of food coloring into the balloon, fill the balloon with water and tie it off.

My husband was being VERY closely supervised by the little head off to the side.

2. Place the balloon outside and wait for it to freeze.

You can place the balloons outside with or without dinosaur friends.

3. Once the balloon is frozen throughout, use a scissors to cut the balloon open.

4. Remove the balloon from your frozen “dinosaur egg”.

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